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Comprehensive Walkthrough on How to Secure Car Loans and Cars in Ottawa

Living in Ottawa is great, but you need your own car to really experience everything the area has to offer. If you credit score isn’t exactly up to snuff, plus your knowledge of car loans in Ottaway is pretty much nonexistent, you might find this goal is pretty difficult to achieve.

That’s where this walkthrough comes in. We explain how you can get a car and a car loan without losing your mind. It starts with getting your finances in order, so you know what kind of a payment you can afford. You’ll also need to set realistic expectations for a car and prioritize what you actually need.

From there, it’s a matter of finding the right car loan option in Ottawa, plus a vehicle which works. You want to feel confident in your decision, and that’s exactly what this walkthrough will provide.

Step 1: Narrowing Options

Let’s face it: not every car works for every person. If that were the case, there would only be one option on the market. Thanks to varying needs, plus differing tastes, you have quite a few car choices. That can feel overwhelming, especially considering how big of a decision a new car can be.

How do you know what car to get?

You must first think about what you need from a car. Be completely honest with yourself.
Understating or overstating your needs won’t help at all with this process. Also, confusing needs with wants can lead to you getting a car that later you might regret.

Passenger Capacity

Just how many people are going to be riding in this car? Will it mostly be you, with friends or family occasionally getting rides? If that’s the case, something smaller, maybe even a coupe, could be the perfect solution. But, if you have a large or growing family to transport, a car with three rows of seating might be the right fit.

Consider as well how big your passengers will be. If they’re full-grown adults, you’ll probably need a larger vehicle with more legroom in the rear seating areas.

Selecting the right car



We get cars to do things, even if that only involves driving to and from work. What will you be using your car to do? Will it just be basic transportation in the city? Something that’s especially efficient would be of high importance in that situation.

Do you use your car to have weekend fun? If so, does that fun involve departing far from paved roads? Something with all-wheel drive or four-wheel drive could be a better fit. Are you towing a boat, camper, or trailer? You’ll need to buy a car that can pull all that weight without problems.
Maybe you need to transport a lot of cargo? If you go to the store and buy big items or load up on things, having the capacity to fit everything would be necessary. Most cars feature fold-down seats, but you should also consider the overall size of the cargo area. For trips, you might need plenty of cargo space without folding any seats down, so consider that as well.


Cars today can come with all kinds of advanced systems to help you with any number of things. It’s easy to be amazed at all these features can do, but you need to keep in mind what you really need.

If you make or receive phone calls in your car often, getting something which allows you to do so hands-free is a great idea. Do you often get lost while traveling in unfamiliar places? Built-in navigation can help you to find your way.

Most new cars come with rearview cameras, but you might decide an upgraded camera system is even better. They’re great if you regularly need to squeeze through tight areas and are concerned about hitting anything.

Step 2: Getting Your Finances in Order

If you’re like most people, you have a loose budget, but you’re not too strict about it. That means you have a vague idea of how much you spend on different things.

Digging deep into your finances can be stressful, but you have too much to risk if you don’t take a close look at everything. You probably already know how much money you bring in each month. You also need to determine what you spend on food, housing, clothing, and other necessities.

Also, be honest about what you spend having fun, eating at restaurants, getting coffee while out, etc. While these expenses aren’t really necessary, your budget should account for them. Skipping past these costs will throw everything off, so be thorough.

Once you know what you make and how much you spend each month, you’ll have a pretty good idea of what you can afford for transportation costs. This includes your payments on a car, plus the insurance, gas, and maintenance.

The last thing you want to do is get a car loan in Ottawa and not be able to handle it. If your monthly payments are too high, your lifestyle could suffer significantly. In some situations, you might even be facing serious financial consequences, like bankruptcy. The good news is by taking an honest and thorough look at your finances, you’re less likely to suffer such a fate.
It might not be fun but getting your finances in order before committing yourself to a car loan is an extremely good idea.

Step 3: Research Loan Options

Just like with cars, there are many options for car loans in Ottawa. Most people can think of at least one off the top of their head, and that’s what they often go for. The fact is by not researching the different options, you could be missing out on one which works best for you and your situation.

Like many things in life, the different car loan resources come with good and bad points. You need to be aware of the differences, so you make an educated decision. Armed with the knowledge which follows, you’ll have more confidence in securing a car loan.

Bank Loans

The most traditional source for car loans in Ottawa, banks are places where we can feel some confidence. After all, you put your money in the bank and it’s completely secure.

For the most part, banks certainly offer loans for cars. They’ll often advertise these loans to people in branches and on their websites.

If you get a loan through your bank, paying on it is simplified. You just use your online bank account to submit payment each month, which is super convenient.

Cars loans in Ottawa through banks

Banks often offer car loans at pretty good interest rates, which helps stretch your money further.
One big drawback of going to a bank is that you might not qualify for a loan. Any blemishes in your credit file, or a lack of a credit history can make a bank reject your application. Going from bank to bank applying for loans takes time and can become frustrating.

Also, car loans through banks might involve extra fees you aren’t expecting. After all, banks are also in the business of making money.

Car Dealerships

Why not just get a car loan where you’re buying a car? That’s what car dealerships would like you to do. It’s a one-stop solution to the problem of getting car loans in Ottawa, which is why this option is quite popular.

Dealerships will even offer to get a loan for you if you already have been approved elsewhere, like at your bank. The finance department at dealerships has relationships established with quite a few lenders, including options you might not even know exist. Some of those lenders provide special programs to dealers.

By having the dealership shop multiple options for a car loan, you’re more likely to get an approval. Just remember, dealers are in the business of selling cars, but they might not necessarily provide a loan with the best interest rate possible. That means you could end up paying more with this option, even though it’s convenient.

Local Credit Unions

Instead of going to a bank or dealership to get car loans in Ottawa, plenty of people will apply through a local credit union.

The idea of credit unions is they’re owned by everyone who has an account. Because of that, they’re more customer service oriented, instead of a board of executives trying to squeeze account holders for more money.

This means car loans through credit unions often offer excellent interest rates. You also won’t be facing all kinds of hidden fees, which can be a problem with loans through banks. These factors combined equals more money in your pocket, which is great.

Still, there’s a drawback with credit unions. They typically have high standards for approving car loan applications. If you have negative items on your credit file, you might find it impossible to get a loan from a credit union.

Auto Brokers

Most people have no idea there’s yet another option for getting car loans in Ottawa: auto loan brokers. When you use an option like, you actually get to enjoy the best qualities of the other three options while skipping out on the negatives.

Instead of your having to search high and low for the right lender, does the work for you. The site shops a large array of reputable financial resources, so you get the best deal on a car loan.

Even if your credit is in poor shape, you can get a loan through Instead of getting rejected over and over, you’ll get an approval that works with your budget and needs. Take the stress out of car shopping by using a trusted auto loan broker.

What’s more, the application process on is simple, so you’re not dealing with even more frustration.

Step 4: Getting Your Ride

Once you’ve been approved for a car loan, the next step is finally choosing exactly what car you want to get.

People who get car loans in Ottawa through a dealership might already have this step covered. People who are using the classifies or other ways of getting a car probably haven’t even looked at cars in person yet.

It’s time to remember those necessities for a car you listed out before, like passenger capacity, utility, and technologies you need. Don’t underestimate how easy it is to get swept up in all the marketing glitz as you shop for a car, which will convince you that features you don’t really need are essential.

At the end of the process, you must get a car which works for your actual needs. Hopefully you find several options, since that will give you choices. You might consider taking different cars for a test drive, since you probably will like how one feels versus the others.

The great thing about using is that you can shop for a car as well as get approved for a loan. The website has a stock of thousands of cars for you to choose among. That means finding one which is good for your needs and even many of your wants is completely possible.

A stringent reconditioning process for all cars offered through helps you shop with confidence. You can rest assured no matter which car you choose, it will be in excellent shape and will serve you well.

In addition, when you get a car from, it’s delivered right to your house. That means no having to travel to a faraway dealership, so you save time and don’t need to deal with a hassle. You even schedule a time for delivery.

If you find that the car you chose from the site isn’t working like you expected, there’s the option of exchanging it for something else. Your car loan in Ottawa comes with excellent service.

Step 5: Enjoy the Freedom

There’s no feeling quite like having a new set of wheels. Securing a car loan and getting a car you love is quite the process. Be sure to enjoy the freedom of car ownership once everything is over, because you deserve it.

Enjoying the freedom of the open road

To avoid any bad surprises, add your new car to your insurance and ensure it’s properly insured before hitting the road.

You can take your new car on a fun trip. Visit some friends and show it off. Or just go for a nice drive in your favorite part of Ottawa. It’s all up to you.